Herefordshire Short Mat Bowling Association


HSMBA Prepares for New Season

Sunday morning saw a working group of HSMBA committee members (Joe Loveys, Steve Kite, Ian Roe and Becci Cox) and willing volunteer John Mills spend time at Leominster IBC to carry out maintainance and auditing of equipment ahead of the new season.

The County has successfully acquired 4 nearly new mats and equipment from a neighbouring County which will act as the new County mats for ICC competiton next season. Sunday saw these put in situ at Leominster whilst the County’s old ICC mats have been hoovered and sections of them re-taped. The County fenders will also be repainted over the coming weeks and our thanks goes to Merion Attwood (Lea SMBC) who has offered to repaint the County jacks.

The HSMBA now stands in incredibly good stead with regards to equipment going forward whilst the generous storage at Leominster has allowed the County to keep all of its resources under one roof.

Two of the old County mats are now stored in the bowling hall at Leominster and are availible to be booked by any member who wishes to have a roll up at Leominster from September onwards. Further details will be released in due course.

Pictured: Former County Pairs Champions Joe Loveys and John Mills proving that their teamwork on the mat goes beyond bowling!