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HSMBA Mixed Fours Champions - Townsend Shield

2021-22 Competition

The 2019-20 competition was held on Sunday 26 January 2020 at Ross BC with 10 teams competing initially in 2 round robin groups of 5 teams before the group winners and runners-up progressed to the knockout stage. In the first semi-final Joe Loveys was seeking a clean sweep of county titles and his team-mates Shirley & Becci Cox from Woolhope and Merion Attwood of Lea had a narrow victory against the Weston team of David & Heather Foulkes and Betty & Harold Aubrey to keep that hope alive. The second semi-final was even tighter and the teams could only be separated after an extra deciding end which saw last year’s losing finalists from Ross (Elaine & Rob George, Pam & Ian Park) pipped to a place in the final by Claire Herbert (Ross), David Millington Jones & Peter Wright (Weston) and Jill Howells (Golden Valley). The final saw Joe Loveys claim an unprecedented fifth concurrent county title as his team ran out 12-7 winners.

Semi Finals

Shirley & Becci Cox (Woolhope), Merion Attwood (Lea) & Joe Loveys (Gorsley Chapel) bt David & Heather Foulkes, Betty & Harold Aubrey (Weston) 12-10

Claire Herbert (Ross), David Millington Jones, Peter Wright (Weston) & Jill Howells (Golden Valley) bt Elaine & Rob George, Pam & Ian Park (Ross) on extra end after 6-6 draw


Shirley & Becci Cox, Merion Attwood & Joe Loveys bt Claire Herbert, David Millington Jones, Peter Wright & Jill Howells 12-7

Peter Wright, David Millington Jones, Jill Howells, Claire Herbert, Richard Bemand (County Umpire), Joe Loveys, Shirley Cox, Becci Cox, Merion Attwood

Roll of Honour

YearWinner (Players)Winner (Team)Runner-up (Players)Runner-up (Team)
2020Merion Attwood, Shirley & Becci Cox, Joe LoveysLea / Woolhope / GorsleyClaire Herbert, David Millington Jones, Peter Wright, Jill HowellsRoss / Weston / Golden Valley
2019Sue Dix, Kate Williams, Dave Watkins & Les WilliamsRossElaine & Rob George, Pam & Ian ParkRoss
2018Shirley & Becci Cox, Anthony & Dominic RogersWoolhopeElaine George, Ian Roe, Pam & Ian ParkRoss
2017Elaine George, Ian Roe, Pam & Ian ParkRossRod Dawson, Carole Rowland, Terry Darrington, Rita HancockWoolhope / Fownhope / Aston Ingham
2016Elaine George, Ian Roe, Pam & Ian ParkRossHilary Carpenter, Dominic, Sandra & Anthony RogersWoolhope
2015Sue & John Dix, Betty & Harold AubreyRoss / WestonAli & Ian Roe, Les Williams, Kate WilliamsRoss
2014John Mills, Becci & Shirley Cox, Anthony RogersWoolhopeGwyneth Jones, June Smith, Merion Attwood, Colin SmithLea
2013John Mills, Becci & Shirley Cox, Anthony RogersWoolhopeBrenda & Frank Garrett, Betty & Harold AubreyRoss / Weston
2012Pam & Ian Park, Sandra & Phil RogersWoolhopeJohn Daines, Shirley & Becci Cox, Andy MayesWoolhope
2011Shirley & Becci Cox, Andy Mayes, Phil RogersWoolhopeFay Middlecote, Les Phillips, Hazel & Tony VitaleLarruperz
2010Carole Mayes, Sandra, Phil & Anthony RogersWoolhopeGill & David Dudley, Sue & John StannardFownhope
2009Fay Middlecote, Les Phillips, Hazel & Tony VitaleLarruperzLiz Nicholson, Colin Barnes, Brenda & Frank GarrettRoss
2008Pamela & Neil Kellett, Brenda & Andrew MollettFownhopeJoan Baker, Hilary Churchill, Les Williams, James ZimmermanRoss
2007Sandra Thomas, Mark Carpenter, Liz & Mike NicholsonAston InghamSue & John Stannard, Gill & David DudleyFownhope
2006Pamela & Neil Kellett, Ruth Hodges, Fred JolleyTarringtonSue & John Stannard, Madge & Peter DainesFownhope
2005Dave Gardiner, Phil Rogers, Becci & Dawn CoxWoolhopeBrenda & Frank Garrett, Betty & Harold AubreyRoss / Weston
2004Sheila & Alf Wye, Ann Watkins, George MarshallLeaBrenda & Andrew Mollett, Sue & John StannardFownhope
2003Christine & Roland Gardiner, Sandra & Anthony RogersWoolhopeBrenda & Andrew Mollett, Sue & John StannardFownhope
2002Hilary Mansell, Margaret Eggleton, Les Williams, James ZimmermanFownhope / RossHazel & Tony Vitale, June Pearce, Les PhillipsLarruperz
2001Christine Gardiner, Sandra & Anthony Rogers, Lee GriffithsWoolhopeHazel & Tony Vitale, Margaret Eggleton, Les WilliamsLarruperz / Ross

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