Herefordshire Short Mat Bowling Association


Short Mat Bowling Comes to the Bishop of Hereford’s Bluecoats School

More than 120 pupils from the Bishop of Hereford’s Bluecoats School were given an introduction to short mat bowls as part of the school’s end of term enrichment programme. The sessions were facilitated by HSMBA volunteers, including Dominic Rogers, a year 8 pupil at the school who is also a member of the England Under-21 squad. The association and its members provided the equipment for the 3 days of sessions and the main school hall was an ideal short mat bowls venue, comfortably accommodating 4 mats on what proved to be an excellent floor. The inclusion of short mat bowls in the programme of activities was the brainchild of HSMBA member Mark Cinderey, a teacher at the school.

Photo: 4 of the HSMBA volunteer facilitators: Ian Roe, Merion Attwood, Becci Cox & Fran Jones