Presentation Evening 2023

Saturday 30th September saw an evening of fun and enjoyment for the HSMBA as Presentation Evening was held at Ross Bowling Club, moving back to its original venue after several years away.

Following feedback from last year’s event, the committee made the decision to return to Ross Bowling Club- lowering ticket prices- whilst also bringing the catering “in house” with a two course supper on offer, consisting of a wide ranging ploughman’s and a fantastic array of homemade desserts. Attendees were welcomed by some of the 70’s and 80’s greatest hits and found a challenging combination of brain teasers on their table, compiled by resident teacher and committee member Sophie Heather-Warner in addition to her work on the fantastic programme. The presentation of awards then kicked off with Acting Chairperson Joe Loveys opening the evening by reflecting on the changes the association had seen over the previous 12 months and giving thanks to former Chairperson Tim Rigden for his hard work in the role. He was then joined by Becci Cox to present the awards.

This year’s Llangarron Achievement Award was presented to Woolhope Club in the season they registered 20 Division One titles and 18 in a row. For further information, please read the separate article on the presentation to Woolhope by clicking here.

Following the presentation of awards, the eagerly awaited supper was served whilst a tie breaker was needed in the quiz, with Ross eventually taking the prize. To avoid any wastage, all remaining food was raffled off to the best offer before the main raffle took place, with the number of prizes ensuring that nearly everyone left a winner!!

The evening finished with Joe Loveys and Becci Cox giving thanks to all those who had helped bring the evening together, not just on the HSMBA Committee but also those non-committee members who had helped to set up before hand as well as assist during the event. Thanks as always goes to Merion Attwood for his photography and the loudest cheer of the evening went to Glyn Williams of Ross whose work behind the bar was greatly appreciated by all!

The HSMBA Committee hopes that everyone enjoyed the evening. Thus far we have had some very kind and positive feedback but please note that we are open to all feedback regarding presentation evening. Several changes were made to this year’s event following feedback last year and we feel that this had a really positive influence on the evening. Should you not have attended this year but have done in previous years, we encourage you to speak to this year’s attendees, note next years date down in your diary and come along.

Please find a selection photos from the evening below. Should you wish to receive a digital copy please email